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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bronislaw was born on October 8,1935 in Cracow, Poland, a largeindustrial city in Poland where Jewish cultural and social life flourished. The Plazsow concentration camp, wh-Bronislwas's parents were sent, wasintended to be a work camp but, sh-ortages of food and the overworkingof prisoners led to numerous deaths. On September 6, 1949, Germans occupied Cracow and transported Bronislaw's parents, David and Rose Honig, to the Plazsow con-centration camp. His parents a-rranged for him to stay with afriendly police officer to be safe. While occuping Cracow, the Germans made a ghetto, a sectioned off area in a city where Jews wereforced to live. The police officer informed Mr. Honig of the emptying of the ghetto, thinking it would be a safe haven. Unfortunaley, another Jew was found living there so Bronislaw was smug-to a friendly woman, that the father worked with, forkeeping. The plan failed when the woman's stepfatherinformed the Gestapo of the crime The city of Cracow became the capital ofNazi occupied Poland. This was mainly be-cause the city was highly industrializedand healthy Jews could be sent to factor-ies nearby to produce weapons for the Germans. Bronislaw Honig was a good looking and well mannered 4-year old boywith a bright, happy personality. He was mainly cared for by his grandmot-her due to the fact that his parents worked late into the night. Bronislaw Honig Germans standing Nazi Flag in Cracow. Entrance to Plazsowwork camp. Jews living in the Cracow ghetto.
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