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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 tap and hold to change this title text! tap and hold to change this title text! Broken Hill Broken Hills rich mineral deposits started back 1700million years ago when thermal spring deposits of lead, silver and zinc sulphides formed in mud from hot springs on the ocean floor. 30 million years ago the Broken Hill ore body outcrops as the Barrier Ranges are uplifted and the minerals now sit rusting for the next 30 million years.50,000 years ago the Broken Hill region is home to the aboriginal people called Wijakali. In 1835 the first European people find the Broken hill area through surveyor and explorer major Thomas Mitchell.In 1883 the first mining company is made in broken Hill called the Broken Hill Proprietary Limited. After more than 125 years of mining, a 300 million tonne mineral System is in place. It is 8km long and 1.6km which still supports mining, making Broken Hill one of the longest continual mining towns in the world. Broken Hill produces one of the most minerals for the world. It produces silver, gold and zinc. Broken hill has been referred to as The Silver City because at one stage it produce 1/3 of the worlds silver. Broken Hill is a desert, but in 2011 there was a big and heavy rainfall and it made the whole area green and beuatiful. Scientists and people living there believe this lushness will last for a few years. Through this beautiful outback and lush looking area, it has made many art galleries over Broken Hill.
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