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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Infographic for Broken Hill In 1841 Major Thomas Mitchell as the first European to visit Broken Hill Three years later Charles Sturt was searching for inland sea when he came across he barrier range which he named. it was a mountain range that has a series of high hills and ground. Broken hill is located in the south west part of Australia, it's an isolated mining city. It is approximately 933 kilometres away from the capital it NSW. It was founded by Charles Rasp in 1833 who patrolled the Mount Gipps Fence. It is thought o be Etiler first by the Willijakali Indigenous tribe The economy of Broken Hill was and still is dominated by the mining industry. The the flow chart above it shows how the economy is dominated by mining. Through the cost of minerals and ores. Capex stands for Capital expenditures which means that a business invests money to make a product or to put more value into a product. Opex stands for the money needed to keep a business going or a certain feature in a company to keep on running. For example it costs $14 to mine one tonne of cobalt pyrite ore. The population of Broken Hill has changed drastically and slightly at the same time. The reason for the population to decrease is the fact that there are more machines that automatically do the jobs for some people so basically people found no use and left broken hill to work somewhere else. But in the old days, in 1933 it was the third largest suburban area in NSW, at the time Broken Hill was housed to 26,925 people. It kept rising all the way until the 1970's. By then the population had dropped by 3 times But the people that do live there have the jobs that are listed on the right picture. The physical environment of Boken Hill is that there is a lot of mines due to lots of mining for all of the ores needed to sustain the economy in the area but there is a pn underground motel that a lot of people like to stay in. The picture above shows a room that can be occupied in. Other than that the place is isolated and has a lot of sand and dirt mixed together.
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