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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BRODIE SCHOOL OF CREATIVITY where kids become innovators ' ' ' Son jovenes aplicados a las nuevastecnologias y motivados por un airede los anos 1980. Generalmente son los hijos de lageneracion mas joven de los BabyBoomers y de la Generacion X.Los padres de esta generacion en lineas generales nacieron entre1960 y 1980. ' ? MEDIOS DOMINANTES k ' Generacion internacionalnacida entre 1995 y el primerlustro de la decada del 2000 Generacion internacionalnacida entre 1995 y el primerlustro de la decada del 2000 OUR GROUNDBREAKING CREATIVE THINKING AND PROBLEM-SOLVING PROGRAM We get students to approach problems scientifically and objectively, erasing all bias (to avoid confirmation bias, where students only look for confirming evidence) and critically analyzing framing (the presenting of evidence that affects how people perceive it).We also encourage students to use algorithms whenever possible (to reduce uncertainty), and teach them the benefits and drawbacks of using heuristics. Of course it enables them to make quick decisions, but they must be aware of falling prey to fixations (when they cannot think about a problem in a new way), especially mental sets (the mindset of what has worked for us previously) and functional fixedness (when we get caught up in the intended use of a thing and can't think outside the box). SURGE... Lang dev General info 5 Components of Creativity ACONTECIMIENTOS ExpertiseWe provide all students with a broad general education as well as intense study on a few selected subjects, based on student preferences Imaginative Thinking SkillsWe challenge students to makeconnections between conceptsand recognize patterns with ourinterdisciplinary study programs Adventurous PersonalityStudents learn to take risks and persevere in challenging physical tasks through our outdoor adventure program, where they also develop a love of of new and different experiences. Intrinsic MotivationWhile we support students' achievements, we do not offer extrinsic motivators for our students to do well. Because we want our students to be engaged in our work, we have a policy of avoiding "busy work" and only assigning projects and research that not only enhance learning but are also strongly engaging. How are we ? Creative EnvironmentAll of these combined serve to create an environment and community that fosters creativity. different We are a school that fosters creativity, or the production of ideas that are novel and valuable. We also cultivate problem-solving skill, so that our students are not only ready to be contributing members of society but are also well-equipped to be the innovators and leaders of tomorrow. We are aware of the perception of education in which students simply regurgitatememorized information onto tests; we have a strong policy of engaging students with the material through application opportunities, to ensure that this is not what happens at our school.
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