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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Biomass What is Biomass? Biomass is a type of energy that can be converted into other forms of energy. Renewable /Non-renewable? What can you do with Bio energy? Biomass can be consider both renewable and non-renewable. Biomass out of most things would be considered a renewable source of energy. This is because, some of the things it consists of is corn, wood ,sugar cane and different types of grass are all renewable sources. Some of the things that you can do with Biomass energy is, it can be burned to produce energy. One common example is wood. Biomass contains stored energy so when you burn the wood the carbon dioxide that you used to burn the wood will eventually return back to the environment. Things that are great! Some good things about Biomass would be, that Biomass gives off energy to plants and animals. Another good thing about Biomass would be, such as wood chips, corn, and some types of garbage, are used to produce electricity. Things that aren't so great! Some of the things that aren't so great about Biomass are, it is very expensive to have Biomass. Another bad thing about using this type of energy would be, that it is harmful to the environment by putting fumes out into the air. * I think that we should use less of the Biomass energy because it is harmful to our environment. I would not recommend Biomass as your choice of energy because, this type of energy is expensive and is inefficient as compared to fossil fuels. It is harmful to the environment because, using animal waste to power engines may save on carbon dioxide emissions, but it increases methane gases, which is also harmful to the earths ozne layer. Conclusion The cycle of Biomass Some sources of Biomass Some of the sources of Biomass would be, wood, animals humans are even a factor.
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