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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BRITISH EMPIRE How did the British Empirelegitimize and/or consolidatepower? -British authorities used religion to justify if their actions were civilized or not. -Christianity was also a big part of the Britishculture. -Christianity was a tool used to settle disputes between the British and natives. RELIGION ART - Dominant groups used art to justify the power of rulers - Illustrates knowledge and the basis of the natural world- Imperial rule increased the use of visual art How did the increased use of weapons and militarytroops impact your empire's expansion? - Powerful ships allowed for economic and military advantage-The seven years war laid the foundation for 150 years of British hegemony-Britain hardly fought in Europe due to their ally-Britain had a strong army and navy and was able to defeat their enemies-Gunpowder became available How did local resistance, state rivalries, and competition over traderoutes challenge your empire's consolidation and expansion? - Conflicts with the French naval army affecting maritime trade routes- British army gained money from loans being paid back from world war won from the British - French helped the 13 colonies fight and win the revolutionary war against the British, causing them to loose control of the colonies Industrial Revolution- Britain aided the production of steam, canals and factories. These resources changed theBritish economy French Empire -maritime-trade focused-upper,middle,and lower class-women work in their homes-Roman Catholicism-crops -maritime-trade focused -upper,middle and lower class-women take care of children and house hold chores-Christianity-crops British Empire COMPARE/CONTRAST Global Connections - international trade- cultures inherited - economic increase Cathleen Rogers, Annabella Killoren, Jaden Baughman, Tim Badgett
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