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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Developing areas of Digital BRIONY SINGH Reasons to hire me! An experienced member of content Ability to coordinate stakeholders Maximising our owned/earned channels Knowledge of social media Using Live Well for Less site and our social channels to maximise connectivity with our customers by providing great content, whilst allowing them to be part of that creation process- A social recipe board where customers can share recipes, tips and ideas-The ability to meal plan within our Facebook applications; restricted functionality on LWFL could be overcome by using Facebook as a more engaging and interactive platform-Looking thoroughly at the opportunities within peripheral channels such as Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr (perhaps even Vine!)-Continuing to enable Social to be a key platform to increase brand warmth and pushing across to LWFL and GOL where appropriate A comprehensive understanding of differentsocial media channels and ideas on how to develop and maximise their use through intergration and interactivity-Twitter-Facebook-LinkedIn-Pinterest-Google+TumblrWho does it well: Through my experience in my current role and understanding of customer behaviour and needs with regards to digital content, I believe developing the below areas in the next 12 months will increase customer engagement, brand warmth,and from that footfall instore and on GOL- Video content (on LWFL and social channels)-Increased intergration of social within campaign strategy (morecustomer involvement)-Technical development of tools/plug-ins on LWFL and afilliate sites As the longest standing member of the contentteam I have had experience managing, coordinatingand supporting on all aspects of content creationand delivery-Print (LWFL, recipe cards, brochures, leaflets)-Digital -Category projects-Video-App development-Campaigns (Autumn, Christmas, Tu) I have worked with and managed various internalstakeholders and agencies on projects and campaignsand am able to coordinate between both efficiently Categories Seven Dare Drum Brand Comms/Activation
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