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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Past decade,internet users tripled Bring remaining 4 billion people online 3X From 2005-2008, annual compound growth rate of internet users 15.1% + From 2010-2013, a lower annual growth rate of internet users 10.1% However, 4 billion still remain unconnected, finding ways to provide internet access remain a high priority. Around three-quarters of the unconnected i.e. 3.4 billion people live in only 20 countries 65% 24% vs 64% lived in rural areas, compared with only 24% of Internet users vs 18% 7% 18% are older than 54, compared with about 7% of the online population 28% vs 28% are illiterate, compared to almost 100% for Internet users vs 52% 42% 52% are women of the compared to 42% of the online population. Unconnected People vs Internet Users 4 Barriers To Internet Connectivity 1) Inadequate infrastructure, poor mobile Internet coverage and unreliable electricity supply. 1.1 billion to 2.8 billion people can't get online due to a lack of mobile network coverage. X 2) Internet access is costly for many low-income people. A challenge to supply cost-effective access to the most remote regions. 3) The high illiteracy rate implies an inability to read and write, and use of digital technology 43% of Indias unconnected citizens are illiterate. X 4) Lack of incentives from government support or low profit margins. Advertisers are not interested in reaching such markets. Nearly half of the worlds offline population lives in 10 countries face a significant struggle to overcome all FOUR barriers.
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