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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Chapters 1-5 By Shawn And Danny Bridge To Terabithia Fretag's pyramid Rising action ExpositionSetting- country/schoolMain characters- Jesse and leslie Action 1Jesse wants to be the fastest kid in the fifth grade Action 2Leslie didn't fit in with the other kids at school HOLY COW! ''If your so afraid of the cow, the voice said, Why don't you just jump over the fence'' Action 4Janice got Jesse get kicked off the box and stole May Bell's Twinkies Action 3Jesse and Leslie started building ''Terabithia'' Action 5Jesse and Leslie got Janice back ''His straw colored hair flapped hard against his forehead...'' ''Her eye's went wide, and she clamped her jaws down on the unexpected gift.'' Figurative language Imagery To show she was surprised and didn't expect the sandwhich ''He nodded vigorously.'' ''...Surprised fish were leaping goggled eyed out of the water.'' Imagery To explain his drawing Type Author's Purpose Diction To explain the way he nodded ''...But they both knew that the real giant in their life was Janice Avery.'' Metaphor Protagonists-Jesse-LeslieAntagonists-Jesse's dad-Janice Avery We think Jesse's dad would be a antagonist because he's never really there to comfort him.Jesse and Leslie are the protagonists because they fix the problems.Janice Avery is the antagonist because she bullies everyone. QR for the wikipedia If you want to buy the book ConnectionText To SelfWhen Janice bullied Jesse on the bus it reminded Danny of what happened to him. ''I was walking down the isle while I was in kindergarten and I got slapped with a backpack.The same thing happened every day, rougher and rougher. Eventually I had enough and I told the bus driver, and that was the end of it." Danny. If your being bullied ask forhelp if it keeps on happening to you. Test Password: Jesse
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