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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sent to Other Chamber Send to Standing Committee Rules Committee 2nd Reading 3rd Reading Vote on the Bill Final Step 1st Reading Where public debate happens. They study the bill and make a decision on what to do. Chuck Berry They can either pass it, revise and release it, or they lay it aside so that the House cannot vote on it. The bill is sent to the Senate where they vote based on the order they come from the committee. When there is no more debate, they vote. Decides which Standing Committee the bill should be sent to. Bill is sent to the floor of the House for consideration and there is a complete reading of the bill. The bill is then signed to one of the 16 committees by the presiding officer.The committee studies and either decreases or tables the bill. Repeats Previous Steps Made up of members of each house. Committee works out differences between the house and senate versions of the bill. Revised bill is sent back to both houses for their final approval. Once approved, the bill is printed by the Government Printing Office. How Bills Become Laws The bill gets sent to the president. This is where he determines whether to sign and pass the bill or veto the bill. The bill is read the first timeand is then referred by the speaker of the House to the Judiciary Rules and Administration Committee for printing. After the bill is printed, it is reported back and referred to a Standing Committee by the Speaker. Conference Committee 3 Main Options That Can Happen with a Bill
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