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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE MAZE RUNNER Character Descriptions Thomas - The key to get out of the maze - Befriends Chuck - He believes he is put in the maze to become a runner. - Hated by Gally, one of the Maze's leaders.- He can only read Teresa's mind.- Thinks outside the box, risk taker, and very curios about everything. Minho- One of the main runners - Befriends Thomas after he knows Thomas has potential - Has been through all of the Maze - He has proven to be loyal, aggressive, and very sarcastic Alby - First person to be put in the maze - The leader of all the boys in the maze - Very strict, not so pleasant, and very adamant- Created the rules or laws that the boys follow Gally - Another one of the important leaders- Hates Thomas because he think he is the cause of everything- Very concieded, aggressive, and like Alby, adamant - Gets angry really quick and acts out Newt - Nice, outgoing, and of Alby's closest friends- Alby's second in command- Teaches Thomas about the Maze, basically of what to do, and not to do- Was once a runner, but got bit by a Griever Teresa - The only girl inside the maze - Unconsious the first couple days she arrived - Can read Thomas's mind - Just like Thomas she thinks outside the box and takes risks- Not liked by the boys at first because everything went wrong when she came Chuck - The youngest out of all the boys - Befriends Thomas when he first comes - Considered the cute little boy that everyone likes - Thomas is very protective over Chuck - Only wants to leave the Glade to meet his "family" Plot developement Exposition - When Thomas wakes up from unconsciousness and realizes he doesn't remember a single thing is when the exposition is revealed. double click to change this header text! Rising Action - Thomas trying to become a runner and figure out how to leave the maze - Teresa arriving to the maze Climax - When all the "Gladers" fight the grievers, the monster that stroll around the maze at night, is the climax of the story. Falling Action - The boys defeat the grievers and find the exit - Gally tries to kill Thomas but chucks take the knife for him Resolution - Only 20 boys survive and the last of the Creators take them to a place where they shall prepare for them next misson Main Theme(s) The 2 main themes of the story is friendship and bravery. In the two years they have been together, they all have created this unity or brotherhood, Although they all have become somewhat friends, they all have grown into their own, better person. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Favorite Part My favorite part of the book was when Thomas killed a griever. It showed that he is brave and smart because he killed the griever with strategy.
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