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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Breastfeeding Benefits of breastfeeding the first month You provide him/her witha healthy dose of colostrum, often called the babysfirst vaccine. Colostrum is the sticky yellowish fluid that your body produces right after birth, before your milk comes in. Benefits of breastfeeding the first six months This time is also critical to your bondingwith your baby which can make orbreak breastfeeding Your baby will bemuch less likelyto have problemswith allergies Nursing for at leastsix months has been shown to have protective effects against many illnesses such as childhood cancers. Benefits of breastfeeding the first year Long-term nursing protects against ulcerative colitis,diabetes,asthma,Crohnsdisease,obesity, and high cholesterolin adulthood. You can easily save at least $1,000 during the first year by nursing your baby Benefits of breastfeeding after a year Your child now gets most of his nutrition from solid food, breast milk still provides calories, valuable immunities, vitamins, and enzymes Children who are breastfed long termtend to be more secure and independent The longer you breastfeed the lower your risk of breast cancer and osteoporosis. It keeps the babyfrom getting sickor infections Benefits of breastfeeding for mom Breastfeeding also reduces the risk of ovarian cancer,uterine cancer, or Breastfeeding moms may lose weight easier Statistics of Breastfeeding Nationwide in 2013, of the infants who were now 19-35 months of age 76.5% were breastfed at birth 49.0% were breastfed at 6 months 27.0% were breastfed at 12 months Resources for Breastfeeding Tips for Breastfeeding attend a class offered at the hospital Just relax and don'tworry that you have fed your baby too much Get support and advice from anyone who has breastfedor has any experience Your baby is eating alot because they aren't eating as much milkat a time because breastmilk has more caloriesnot because it isn'tgetting enough milk Myths about breastfeeding Giving yourbreast a rest will not producemore milk. It will dry your milk ductsand make your breasts very hard
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