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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THAT'S A PAIN VS BODY & BRAIN Body Gains Breakthrough Fit offers fitness and nutrition training that focuses on gainsfor both the body and the brain, to ensure that change is lifelong.Even better? For every session purchased, a session is donatedto an underprivileged child and family. You win, they win! -hyperactive and/or unfocused-underachieving-negative moods-anxious and/or depressed-lack of energy-low self-esteem and confidence-depleted frustration tolerance-aggressive -few friends-difficulty sleeping-stomachaches, headaches,and health complications Brain Gains 720.744.2824 * Both body and brain resemble that of a young adult, by up to 15 years: brain volume increases in 3 key areas involved in memory, decision-making, learning, emotional regulation, and spatial awareness* Reverses damage to body and brain* Strengthens cardiovascular, immune, and skeletal systems* Elevates stress threshold and reverses chronic stress* Improves self-regulation and self-control* Decreases cancer risk* Increases self-esteem, confidence, motivation, and resilience* Boosts mood and treats depression, anxiety, addiction, and hormonal imbalancesImproves sleepLengthens lifespan (3 years)Increases neuroplasticityRegulates weight and glucose levels (which impact diabetes)Boosts achievement at work by increasing productivity, efficiency, and productivity; and increased earnings (up to 10%) and the likelihood of becoming a CEO or other leader of industryActs as a positive role model for children, family, and friends
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