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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Natural Disasters BRAZIL Biomes Land and Water Forms Climate Period 1 Physical Geography Project Prinon Shahed, Amy Reed, Aditi Mukund -Northern Brazil: lots of humidity(moisture in air) and high temperaturesbecause it is so near the equator. Theequator is so hot because it gets the mostsunlight on the entire Earth. Temperatureshere are about 75-80 degreesFahrenheit all year.-Central West Brazil: tropical weather with rainy summers and dry winters.-Southern Brazil: the farthest away fromthe equator. Colder part of Brazil, with 4 seasons instead of 2 with temperaturesthat have more variety (it is both hot andcold instead of hot year round).Temperatures range from 50 degreesto 70 degrees Fahrenheit throughout theyear, can get so cold in winter that itsometimes snows!-Southeast Brazil: wet, tropical (warm) weather near mountains, colder weather on mountains as the elevation (height from ground) gets higher. -Flood: happens because Brazil gets a lot of rain over the year and because the Amazon Basinis low lying land that causes a lot of water to build.-Drought: caused by deforestation (which is cuttingdown trees in forests - which is becoming verycommon in Brazil.) Causes little rainfall. Happens in dry season.-Storms/Hurricanes/Tornadoes: has a large,warm coast and a vast rainforest. The humidity(water in the air) causes a lot of evaporation and clouds to become heavy with water.Rain happens very often and sometimes stormsand hurricanes and tornadoes happen when theweather gets worse. Brazil has seasons according to which area. In northern Brazil, it is very hot and humid year round and there are 2 seasons: the dry and rainy season. In southern Brazil, the temperature is more balanced and the region has 4 seasons: summer, autumn, winter, and spring. Seasons -Grasslands: places where trees cannot be grown but grass can.-Rainforests: Place where there is lots of rainfall and warm temperaures. Brazil is famous for its Amazon Rainforest.-Desert: places that get little rain, very dry. Found in some parts of Brazil-Shrubland: lots of shrubs, plants, and grasses.-Temperate Coniferous Forest: found in thesouth with 4 seasons. Forests with differenttemperatures through the whole year. Haveconiferous trees, or trees who keep theirleaves in winter. Bibliography
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