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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Important People - Pedro Alvarez Cabral commanded the fleet that claimed Brazil as part of the Portuguese Empire on 22 April 1500.- Emperor Dom Pedro I declared independence from Portugal on 7 September 1822. Also the First Emperor of Brazil.- José Bonifácio de Andrada was like a mentor to Prince Pedro and helped incontributing to the independence of Brazil.- Emperor Dom Pedro II was the son of Prince Pedro I AKA Emperor Dom Pedro I. Pedro II was also ruler of the Brazilian Empire. Brazil became the Brazilian Republic during his reign as he was sent into exile.- Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca was head of the interim government of Brazil and was the first president of the Brazilian Republic Brazil's ModernizationConnor Sorrells and Jack Wedge Circumstances- Brazil was a Portuguese colony until the 1800's.- Brazil was an empire until 1889, when they became a republic. - Brazil had major resources, coffee and gold, which they exported to other countries. Timeline of Movement- 1500 AD, Portuguese explorer Pedro Alvares Cabral lands in Brazil. He claims it for Portugal.- 1555 AD, French forces occupy Rio de Janeiro harber. Two years later, Portugal regains control and establishes the city of Rio de Janeiro. - 1695 AD, Gold is discovered in the interior of Brazil. - 1807 AD, Due to British Invasion on Portugal, the Portuguese royal family flees to Brazil, establishing Rio de Janeiro as the de facto capital of Portugal.- 1822 AD, Jose Bonifácio was nominated minister of Kingdom and Foreign Affairs- 1822 AD, Brazil gains independence from Portugal. Pedro I, the son of Portugal's king, establishes the Brazilian Empire. - 1888 AD, Slavery is abolished in Brazil.- 1889 AD, The military forces Emperor Pedro II to give up his thrown. Brazil becomes a republic with a president. Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca was the head of the interim government as the emperor was sent into exile. double click to change this header text! As it is for the good of all and for the nations general happiness, I am ready: Tell the people that I will stay -Emperor Dom Pedro I As he was speaking on whether he was going to return to Portugal with his family or stay in Brazil and rule the Portuguese state. Obstacles of Movment- Portuguese Cortes did not want to become an independent state and fought against this possibility- Brazil was a valuable state due to their resources, and Portugal wantedto use these resources in order to gainwealth. The major turning point in the modernization of Brazil was when they gained independence from Portugal. They were able to use their great natural resources for themselves. Why Should a 9th Grader Care? A 9th grader should care because Brazil's impact has had a great impact on the world and none of it would have happened if they never modernized. They have been a great exporter in goods in history.They have also hosted, or are set to host massive world events such as the World Cup and Olympics.Only a modernized state could host such great functions successfully.
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