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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1807 1815 1821 1821 1822 The portuguese Cortez voted Brazil to not be a part of the Kingdom July 3-King João returns to Lisbon, Portugal Portugal Prince into Brazil Portugal was being attacked by France so Portugal's Prince escaped through the British Kingdom Status King João returns to Lisbon, Portugaland leaves Brazil April 25- João returns to Portugal Brazil's independence was made official when they signed a treaty in 1825. Portugal confersKingdom status on Brazil "Independence or death!" - Dom Pedro I HOW BRAZIL GAINED INDEPENDENCE Sarah Yates, Layne Stone, and Anna Hufham Treaty Signed On September 7th, Brazil becomes independent afterdefeating Portugal. Brazil's Independence Day 1825 1822 After the British king, King John VI, launched a series of reforms, in1815 Brazil is given equal standing with Portugal, as a Kingdomof its own right, forming together the kingdom of Portugal andBrazil. This is a turning point because recognizing Brazil asa kingdom is one of the first steps to Brazil becoming independent. TURNING POINT Why should a 9th grader care? Countries gaining their independence is why our world is the way it is. Declaring independence is the result of Social Darwinism and thefear or natural selection. King João VI Portgal's King João VI was the Portuguese king who originally sailed and took over Brazil. He was the first to entitle Brazil as a part of the kingdom. Pedro ! He was declared the Emperor of Brazil on his 24th birthday. This coincided with the inauguration of the Brazilian Empire. Circumstances There were several things that made Brazil's independence process different. Those include the influences of the outside countries on Brazil and twisted ways of finding unity. Their relationship with Portugal, England, and other surrounding countries were unique. England and Portugal were influencing Brazil by advanced political and economic means. Surroundingcountries were not as advanced and could not relate to Brazil in their advancementscreating a dangerous scary situation for both sides. The undeveloped countriesscared that Brazil would be able to conquer them easily. Brazil was scared of the undeveloped countries rising up against them in efforts to eliminate their advancedways. Also, Brazil did not abolish slavery when they gained their independence. Mostcountries upon receiving their independence become what is modernly consideredacceptable as far as what is legal and what is illegal. Slavery stayed in Brazil because it brought a sense of unity to Brazil. It was very symbolic of social status and economic stability. Obstacles The Portuguese King João VI was in Brazil during their timeas a part of the Kingdom. Because he was in Brazil, the Brazilian'scould not resist his power. There was no way to organize and groupto compete against his power without him finding out and bringinghis more advanced troops from Portugal over to get rid of thatcompeting power. Important people Portuguese Cortez The Cortez of Portugal was the Constitutional Assembly ofBrazil in 1820. They demanded the return of Dom Pedro I.
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