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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Brazil Man greeting Man - Men shake hands when greeting one another, while maintaining steady eye contact. If a woman wishes to shake hands with a man, she should extend her hand first. It is common for men and woman to exchange kisses on the cheek when first meeting in social situations. Women generally kiss each other, starting with the left cheek and then switching to the right cheek. For Men - Wear conservative, dark colored business suits. Three-piece suits typically indicate that someone is an executive.For Women - Wear suits or dresses that are elegant and feminine with good quality accessories. Manicures are expected. Jeansare often unacceptable as they are consideredtoo casual, however this depends on the industry. Lectures are the most common teachingmethod used in it is the only method at many universities. It is commonplace for students to take down everything the professor says and then use their notes when tests are given. This method is just starting to change. Students are required to attend at least 75 percent of the classes for an individual course in order to be eligible for the final exam.For grades, several institutions use a 0-10 scale (with 10 being the highest). . LOCATION: Central & South AmericaGOVERNMENT: Federal republic (democracy)OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: The official language in Brazil is Portuguese, spoken throughout the country. There are also native/tribal languages still spoken by some indigenous groups.MAJOR RELIGION(S): Roman Catholic 80%. Protestant 15%. 5 % consists of Buddhism, Judaism, Shinto, Islam, Candomble, and a variety of offshoots of Christianity.MAJOR ETHNIC GROUPS: An intriguing mix of Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, German, and Amerindian population. Around 55%of the population is white, 38% mulatto, 6% black, and 1% other that Japanese, Amerindian, and Arab.
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