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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Brave New World Huxley reveals both of these themesthrough his use of a sarcastic, cold,and mechanical tone. He utilizes imagery to show the freedom and true happiness the Savages experience in life, and contrasts itto the purely technological and scientific ways of London where "happiness" isderived from soma. As the story unfolds,the two themes coincide when Johnthe Savage is taken to live in London with his mother Linda, Lenina, and Bernard. The Savage world meets thecivilized world and John realizes hewould have to conform, and giveup everything that he loves in lifein order to become civilized. by:Aldous Huxley Brave New World exploreswhat happens when we asindividuals give up our freedomin order to be "happy". Thesociety in BNW has become enslaved because the peoplehave been trained to believe that individuals must relinquish their emotions and freedomsin life if they wish to be "happy". While most of the citizens find no problem with their loss of freedom,there are a few whom wishto experience a real life. FREEDOM ANDHAPPINESS "All right then," said the Savage defiantly, "I'm claiming the right to be unhappy." (pg.240) "Everyone belongsto everyone else."(pg.40) TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE The people of Brave New World are controlled in everyaspect of their lives. The peopleare not only created using thecold worlds of science and technology, but science andtechnology have becomeforms of imprisonment thatkeep everyone exactly thesame. No one is free in BNW andThe Savage realizes thiswhen he sees how the citizensare scientifically conditioned;and how they live withoutall the things that make life worthwhile. The use of technology andscience greatly affects thepeople in BNW. The Savageis appalled by the controlscience has, and wishesthe world could know truehappiness.
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