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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Brave New World The Beginning The story starts by explainingthe whole process of how humans are made and conditioned, revealing why everyone acts the way that they do. Characters Lenina Lenina is a character that many of the male characters fall in love with. She is a perfect example of a character who lives life according to society. Some examples ofLenina's conditioning is when she says"I'm glad I'm not a Gamma."and when she freaks out at the sight of nature. Bernard Bernard is a characterwho acts likehe is against society but heis hypocriticaland a coward. Bernard show us the horrors of repetitonby thinking "One hundred repetitions three nights a week for four years" and "Sixty-two thousand four hundred receptionsmake one truth. Linda Linda used to be part of society but somehow ended up on the savage reservation. She still hangs on to societies beliefs which ends up killing her. John John is Linda's son who grew up on the Savage Reservation. Heis split between the old and new world. He is excited to seeLondon until he sees what is happening. When John is about to go to London he says "O brave new world."As he is there he questionssociety. Irony When John says "O brave new world that has such people in it." irony is being used because he thinks that the new world is better than what he has now but he is actually wrong. Ending John becomesoverwhelmed bysociety andends up killinghimself. Themes One theme of BraveNew World is thatprogress can be destructive. Another theme is that repetition is powerful.
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