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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Brandy wine creek Date and place When: September 11,1777Where:Chadds ford, PA Important people British: General William Howe Patriots: Gorge Washington Casualties British:600-2000 (closer to 600)Patriots:1300 to 1900 British advantages Superior navyLarge professional fighting force British victory British controls Philadelphia British tactics divide Amy and surprise attack on right sideBritish strategy capture American city Outcome Bunker hill Date and place Date:June 17,1775Where:Charleston heights Massachusetts, near Boston Massachusetts Important people British: General William Howe, major John PitcairnPatriots: General Joseph warren, Israel putman, William Prescott Casualties Patriots-441 killedBritish-1150 killed British advantages Superior navyMore suppliesLarge fighting force Outcome the British won the battle of bunker hill British gain control British tactics gain higher ground for view and planBritish strategy gain control of important city and port Long Island Date and place When: August 27,1776Where: near New York City Important people Patriots: George Washington and Charles lee British: general William Howe, Richard Howe Casualties Patriots: about 2000British: about 400 British advantages Strong navyLarge fighting force Outcome British victory British control NYCPatriots retreats to PABritish strategy control NYC, split colonies in two partsBritish tactics lay siege to the American army
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