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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Website Concept Brainstorming Are you brainstorming a book review? Here are a few questions to ask yourself. Plot POV/ Tense Characters Notes For Book Reviews. First Impressions double click to change this header text! Is the title suitable for the book?Does the cover represent the story well?What genre is this book?What size is the book?Have you read anything by this author before?What initially made you pick up this book? Was the concept interesting?Was it executed well?Does the concept remind me of anything else I've read? Who is telling the story?Are there multiple POVs?Do you think the author chose a suitable POV/ tense for the story? How would it have changed if someone else told the story? Writing Was the writing clunky or were there a lot of unnecessary words?Was the pace good?Were there many spelling/ grammatical errors?Were there any quotes that you liked in particular?Are all the facts accurate?Was the book written in a unique way (poetry, lists, etc?) Was the opening strong? Middle? Ending?Was there one main conflict, or many smaller issues?Main character's goal?Are there enough plot twists/ development to keep the readerinterested? Did you like the MC?Did you like/ care about the other characters? How did the characters develop throughout the story?Was there a specific character you loved/ hated?Could you relate to anyone?
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