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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Out of 17 Relationship stories, 7 of them were breakup stories, and 3 of them were menbreaking up with woman! Boys male Girls Out of 17 relationship stories, 7 of them where breakup stories. And 4 of those where girlsbreaking up with guys. Boys female Book where I got the info from:Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul FUN QUIZ A quiz to see what type of person (girl or boy) you are. 1.) If you could be doing anything right nowwhat would it be? A: hanging out with my family and friends!B: studying for school or doing a school projectC:Trying something new on mybucket list. 2.) What do you talk about withyour friends? A: debating over which after school programto joinB:The school. What needs to be done, the homework, teachers, etc.C:What fun thing to do next! A:I like to call my friends and see what they want to do.B: I see what homework I have. Or I go over the school schedule C: I am never bored. 3.) What do you do when you are bored? 4.) What do you find entertaining?A:Laughing with my friends!B:Reading a good book!C: Really anything new. Answers:if you got: Mostly A'sYou are a social person. You like to hang with your familyand friends! you enjoy company and almost are never alone!If you got: Mostly B'sYou are a geek! Now this is not a insult it is really cool!you are smart and cool at the same time! A lot of peoplecome to you with all sorts of advice!If you got: Mostly C'sYou are a Risk taker! you like to try new things and you're never bored! You like to surround yourself with risk don't break the rules, you just bend them. The Book Has many different parts to it. I just choose one part to focus on. Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul Authors: The main people who put the story togetherare The book is made of many different stories by many different people. Jack CanfieldMark Victor-HansenKimberly Kirberger Hope Schaefer Girls Boys and Girls female male Guy who cheat are proven to haveless intelligence,social skills,and a very shortattention span. Most eating disorders in girls are because a boyfriend said something about their appearance. So be nice.
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