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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BOUDICCA - QUEEN OF THE REBELS Hey, fellow Brits. Like my page if you hate the Romans In 51AD, the Romans invaded Great Britain. They burnt our crops, tortured our people and stole our freedom. For years we have been oppressed by them. They take our money as 'tax' to build their roads and forts. My husband and I, thee rulers of a small area in England, reached an agreement so that the Romans would not hurt our people and claim our land if we supplied them with money and food. However, my husband soon fell ill, and with his looming death, old tensions arose between my kingdom and the ruthless Romans. My husband died, and as his will, he generously devoted half his wealth to the Roman Empire. However, this was not good enough for the Romans. They entered my village and raped my daughters. They burnt our houses and livestock, attacked my people, and had me publicly whipped. They made a mistake, They should have killed me instead, because, finally. After years of harassment. Finally, we fought back. 51 AD 60 AD First I march my army of vengeful Brits to Colchester, the Roman Capital in Britain, We slaughtered the undefended Roman citizens, tortured their women and burnt their false temples, that they had built with our money, to the ground. My hoard then advanced on Londonium and St Albans, where we killed every rRoman in sight, around 70,000 citizens. With our numbers growing by the day, we turned to face the one tired, road-weary Roman Legion that stood between us, and Britain's freedom. Somehow, against all odds, We were defeated in battle and I was taken captive. However, I still had one trick up my sleeve. instead of facing the humility and pain of my capture, I drank some poison. Just before I died, I placed a curse on the Roman legions.
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