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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Boston University News Service Boston Marathon Bombings In the 2012 Boston Marathon, countries of residence wererepresented in the race. What is the role in human destruction, leadership, and how people react in emergencies? The Boston marathon bombers killed, hurt, and tried to wreck the city. Even the terrorist realized the destruction they had done. Many people at the race took leadership that day. It took the biggest things like the police chasing down the terrorist all the way to the littlest things like letting someone borrow your phone. The people acted scared and shocked. The most shocking and heroic part was when the bombs went off people ran towards the bombs not away, to save and help as many people as possible. The Boston Marathon is on patriots day once a year. On patriots day in 2013 two men had religious beliefs that they should go set off bombs in Boston. That day in the afternoon there were two explosions. Many were hurt, and 3 died. Boston then went into a complete lock-down until they found the men and everything was secured again. 5 interesting facts- * It was the 117th running of the marathon. * At 2:49 pm there were still more than 5,600 runners. * The youngest runner to get hut was a 7 year old girl, who lost her leg.* The 5,633 runners who were unable to finish the race were given a spot in the 2014 race. * The terrorist were described as the most popular kids at school by their classmates Even tho these bombing were a horrible tragedy, there was a good outcome. Boston is now known as one of the strongest city's many people have people that are like family that they never would have had before. All the people that live in Boston consider each other family weather they know them or not.
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