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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bophelong Community Hospice Recommendations- Campaigns to decrease stigma- Sell second hand goods that have been donated as part of fundraising.- Start a vegetable garden to supplement food supply,provide for community or sell. Transport and supply needs-Transport needs are met, but a new car needed.- Supply needs come from donations and part of the budget Finances- Department of health- Donations and sponsor- Professional nurses ->salary - The rest of the staff -> stipends from the Department of health- Budget insufficiency -> shot stuffed - No official fund raising committee Future plans- Official fundraising committee where the board is involved- Hire about for more nurses- Acquire a continuous sponsor Backround- Est.2006 - By Ps T. Sithole and Charity and Faith mission church.- Aim: Mamelodi community, 400 beds. Stuff Members - Chairperson: Ps. T Sithole- Manager: Sr. Matlala- 2 professional nurses- 1 auxiliary nurse- 10 healthcare workers- 3 ladies for cleaning. cooking and laundry- A gardener and driver- 3 volunteers- Volunteer Dr. and pharmacist Services provided-Target group (Terminal care, pain and symptom management)- Services: IPU, home based care, day care and others- Referrals: community, churches, health facillities, school and family members (consent of patient needed) Social developments and other involvements- Drop in baby safe- Health promotion in the community through campaigning and door-to-dooor
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