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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lupita and Salvadors housePg. 14 the Torres home was an old pink-painted adobe building, which lupitas father had enlarged with corrugated iron panels. Lupita was nervous. The fruit truck Pg. 77 an instant later Salvador and Bartolo lifted her into the truck. Lupita was nervous The café Pg. 91 There Esposito opened the vans rear, ordered the children out, and led them into the café kitchen through the back door. There were a lot of chefs Lupita felt curious. ColtonPg. 89 Where are we senor? She repeated in Colton where do you want to be? It looked very busy Lupita was feeling disappointed EnsenadaPg. 24 Ensenada lupitas birthplace, was set around a beautiful, half-moon-shaped harbor and ringed with hills that were almost always dry and brown. Lupita was worried. ChurchPg. 100 Neither Lupita nor concha had to work on Sundays so they went to mass at the small white pocho church. Lupita found nothing to make her uncomfortable. Pg. 117 the houses were small and drab constructed of small concrete blocks there were no lawns only brown dirt pockmarked in weeds. Could this really be where Aunt Consuelo lived?” The market Pg. 76 where are we going? To the market he whispered.It was a hot day at the park. Lupita was interested. The parkPg. 53 Arriving at the park early, Salvador and Lupita found an empty bench. The park is empty Lupita is feeling tired. Tijuana Pg. 51 Salvador refused to gasp at his first view of Tijuanas central district but lupita stood awestruck. Lupita was delighted at first sight. There were a lot of bright lights.
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