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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Non-fiction *resources here That First Season John Eisenberg Theme: Even when things turn badin life something good will comefrom it, and that you must go throughhard times to see light. The theme was easyto decifer because the author made it clear that something good was going to happen even with the way the season turned out. Main character: Vince was a very laid backguy and had few things that he ever worriedabout on and off the field. His job was coachingthe Green Bay Packers. Vince was a skinny but tall white guy with brown hair and green eyes. His hardest task was to turn the worst teamin football to a championship team in little time. Plot:1: Coach scooter goes 1-11 his lastseason with the Packers2: The Packers fire Scooter in only his 6th year with the team3: The Packers hire Vince Lombardi4:The team improves drastically in the first season5: The next year the Packers madeit to the superbowl but fell shortby a field goal STAR rating: 5 out of 5The book gets this rating because of how good the story line was andhow the book always kept me wantingto figure out what was going to happen next AR question: When did Scooter realizehis job at Green bay was over?A. When the team didnt make the playoffsB. When the team lost to the worst team in the leagueC. When the team started fighting with each otherD. When god talked to him in his dream
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