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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Murder of Tutankhamen. By: Bob Brier, Ph.D Then the story talks about how King Tutankhamen died at a young age of 18. Next The story goes into description of the possible was he could of been murdered. First the story tells you about Tutankhamen's early life Then The story tells how researchers go to explore and figure out what happened using evidence from the tombs. Finally the story shows evidenceof how his murder could havebeen linked to other murders. Presentation by: Austin Sauder. Summary: The Novel The Murder of Tutankhamen by Bob Brier takes you through the strange and crazy life of Tutankhamen and the story of the way they believe he was murdered. The story then takes you to present day as researchers go into the depths of the tombs trying to discover more about his death. The book describes in great detail the day the murder took place to current day as people seek to learn more about the mysterious murder of Tutankhamen. Facts: 1. King Tuts death Might have been an accident. Studiesshowed that he had malaria which might have exacerbateda leg infection that caused himto fall off his chariot. 2. King Tut wasn't buried alone. The chamber also held two miniature coffins that contained two fetuses. Recent DNA tests suggest that one of the mummies is that of Tutankhamens stillborn daughter and that the other was likely his child as well. 3. King Tutankhamen was known as the kid ruler because he was only 8 or 9 Quote: A quote king Tutankhamen said was Live and follow rules don't be like my father Akhenaton"
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