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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 vs BOOKER T. WASHINGTON W.E.B. DUBOIS BACKGROUND BOOKER T. WASHINGTON W.E.B. DUBOIS Born in 1856 as a Southern slave Born in 1868 as a Northern free black Graduated from Hampton Institute and Wayland Seminary Cofounded the Tuskegee Institute First African American to earn a Ph.D. at Harvard University Helped found the NAACP IDEOLOGY Thought agitation for socialequality to be unimportantat the time Believed that hard workand economic equalitywould lead to social andpolitical equality Fiercely believed in theagitation for social equality Believed that education inthe liberal arts was as valuableas industrial education Believed that black suffrageand political equality werevital to the protection of rights and freedoms Demanded the end ofdiscrimination immediatelyand onwards Thought that active protestingand agitation would lead tosocial and political equality Believed that an educatedTalented Tenth should guidethe majority Appealed to Northern freedmen Thought that socialequality could not beobtained by artificialforcing (DuBoiss ideology) Advocate for industrialeducation and pride inlabor Believed that blacks shouldstart from the bottom andnot the top and acceptdiscrimination for now Appealed to Southernwhites and blacks Encouraged solidaritybetween the races ON EACH OTHER Thought that Washingtonsphilosophy would encouragewhite oppression Wanted to improve the blackcommunity and end racialinjustice Opposed racial motivatedviolence against blacks
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