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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Aeneas and his journey through the Under World 10 Plot Points 1. Aeneas arriveson his journey and then travels to Apollos great temple. 2. Aeneas prays to Apollo to show approval in which the Trojans were allowed to settle in Latium. 3. Aeneas was sent by Sybil in order to find a golden branch in a forest, to enter with any hope in returning. 4. Aeneas retrieves the golden branch and then gets sent back to Sybil. 5. When entering the underworld, Sybil is used as a guide for Aeaneas. 6. They then cross a river, Acheron, which shows the golden branch as a ticket and the captain of the ship takes him across. 7. Sybil drugs Cerberus in order to pass and Aeneas flys past the beast who is sleeping. 8. Aeneas and Sybil then cross fields of mourning. 9. Sybil and Aeneas pass a fortress where Rhadamanthus passes quick judgment. 10. Aeneas and Sybil finally reach the blessed grove, where Aeaneas finally sees his father. Epic Conventions Epithet: Juno is the main antagonist in Book VI and betrays Aeneas. Epithet: Amphrysia means Belonging to Apollo where it originated from a river in Thessaly. Epithet: Thrace is a religion of the ancient country of Southeast Balkan Peninsula which is North of the Aegean Sea. Epithet: Jupiter is the king of all gods and he is known as Zeus in Greek mythology. Epithet: Venus is Aeneas mother who is the goddess of love in Greek mythology. Epithet: Neptune is known as Poseidon in Greek mythology who stays by Aeneas side throughout the book. Epic Degression: Aeneas and Palinurus had a conversation about how he passed away when they met in the underworld. Dardanus is referred to as the founder of troy. Epic Similie: Smoke coming from the cave was thick, that a bird could scarcely fly through the harsh fumes. Epic Similie: The hell gates opened with shrieking hinges, which is a sinister way to describe a door opening.
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