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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Book Thief by Markus Zusak Hans Hubermann took in Liesel as a foster child, but soon accepted her as his own child. In addition to Liesel, He was a painter and played the accordionat bars as a side business. Hans was a calming, caring father figure in Liesel's life. He taught her to read and introduced her to literature. To most, he wasnot taken seriously, but Liesel saw his value. Unlike his Nazi son, Hans was within the 10% of Germans that were against Hitler's beliefs. This causedmany problems for him throughout the book, including a draft to join the German Army. Along with the rest of the street, excluding Liesel, Hans died in hissleep during a surprise air attack. Rudy The Book Thief Rudy Steiner lived next door to the Hubermann's. Rudy became very close friends with Liesel upon her arrival. He was in love with Liesel, so he constantlybegged her to kiss him, but she never accepted. Rudy was always hungry, which later became a problem when the food supply was rationed. Together, Rudy and Liesel joined a gangthat stole fruit and other types of food. Rudy was rather rebellious. He often talked back to his Hitler Youth leader, once evenhitting him in the back with a rock. This type of behavior usually ended with a severe beating. Like Hans, Rudy's father, Alex, was sent off to war as a punishment for not allowing the Gestapo to train Rudy to be a German soldier. When Liesel found Rudy's dead body, she kissed him and confessed her love.Unfortunately, he was not alive for this, so he did not get to experience the kiss from Liesel, something he had longed for all his life. Ilsa Max Vandenberg was a 23 year old Jew. His father was an old friend of Hans', so it was arranged for him to hide in the Hubermann's basement during Hitler's rule, as it was not safe for a Jew to live in Germany at this time. As a teenager, Max was a fist fighter. He was overwhelmed with guilt when he wasforced to leave his family to find safety. This feeling only intensified when he found out that his family was missing from their home. Max was a caring, generous individual. He cut up and painted over his favorite book so that he would have something to give Liesel for her birthday. After Max was forcedto leave the Hubermann home, he was sent to a concentration camp where he survived and was later reunited with Liesel. Hans Death At the beginning of World War II, Liesel Meminger and her little brother were sent off to live with Rosa and Hans Hubermann. Her brother did not survivethe journey and Liesel mourned his death throughout the entire book. Upon her arrival, she befriended her next-door neighbor, Rudy, who promptly fell in love with her. After Hans taught her how to read, she became obsessed with literature. She loved reading so much that she took up a new hobby:stealing books. Thus forming a new nickname for herself, "The Book Thief." Liesel became attatched to all the residents on her street, which is why itwas so devastating to her when the street was bombed and everybody died but Liesel. Liesel Max is narrated by Death. His job is to obtain and release the souls of the recently deceased. Death believes it is most painful to watch the "leftover" people, those who lose their loved ones and are forced to remain on Earth with nothing but their broken hearts (5). Death paysspecial attention to the color of the sky at the time of a person's death. He says it distracts him from his gruesome job and provides stress relief.Death often complains about being overworked, especially in 1942. He said that all the Jews, Russian soldiers, and bodies on the French coastwere just too much for him to handle. He had still not recovered from the 40 million people that died under Stalin's rule. Rosa Rosa Hubermann, wife of Hans Hubermann, was not as well liked as her husband. Rosa did laundry for five families in Molching, Germany, their place ofresidence. Throughout the course of the book, she lost all of these customers and took her anger out on Liesel. At one point she even beat Liesel with a wooden spoon. Rosa was known as a terrible cook that irritated everyone she came in contact with. She really did love Liesel, her way of showing itwas just unorthodox. Ilsa Hermann was the wife of the mayor. Rosa Hubermann did her laundry and ironing, which was often delivered by Liesel. Ilsa often invited Liesel to stayfor a while and read in her library. After she terminated Rosa's employment, Liesel would no longer come over and hang out in the library with Ilsa. Instead,Liesel snuck into the window of the library and stole books from Ilsa. Regardless of Liesel's actions, Ilsa always reached out to her. She was desperateto maintain their friendship. Ilsa survived the air attack and took Liesel into her care. Major Themes The characters in this book are learning to love. Whether its innocent,childlike romance, or a new memberof the family, love is an essentialtheme to this book. Smallactions are considered immenselykind, because acts of love almostalways involve penalty. Love in NaziGermany is completely necessary but extremely dangerous. Because the narrator of thisbook is Death, the reader isconstantly focused on it and the impact that it brings to the characters' lives.
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