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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Worst Hard Time The Untold Story Of Those Who Survived The Great American Dust Bowl Staying In Dalhart(No Man's Land) - people die fromdust pneumonia(which is whendust gets intoyour lungsand blockyour breathing) - crops don't growbecause there isno grass and barelyany rain - families are poorbecause thereare barely any jobsand if there areany jobs there closed - animals die fromthe dust whichmeans if all ofthem die thepeople may nothave much foodleft then - dust gets inthe houses andon the bedsmaking it hardto keep housesclean - car wouldn'tstart becausedust got in theirmotors, sopeople couldn'tgo anywhere Summary: - insects invade housessuch as black widowsand people can die fromblack widow bites - it is very dark whena dust storm comesby that you can't seeyour hand right infront of your face - the electrical lightsin Dalhart go outwhen a dust stormcomes by In the book The Worst Hard Time, it tells a story on how people livein a place named Dalhart. In Dalhart there were lots of Dust stormsand a lot of people died from them. It is said that whoever gets dustin their lungs has dust pneumonia. If anyone gets dust pneumoniatheir most likely to die from it. It also is said that the dust stormshave started by the topsoil of the plowed fields blowing away. By: Timothy Egan Quote: " The real difficulty of the semi-arid belt is not the lack of rain, but the loss of too muchby evaporation, and this can be largely controlled by proper cultivation." -Hardy Campbell Interesting Facts: - Whenever school are opened the schools don't have enough money to pay teachers so they pay them warrants. (warrants are pieces of paperthat later could be cashed in for ten dollars, but the bank doesn't take the warrants so it's just a piece of paper.) - Twenty Four cents a bushel meant that an average harvest would bring a family $400, which covered a whole year to provideenough equipment, seeds, gas, paying hired hands, interest on loans, food, shelter, and clothes. - The houses in Dalhart have walls that are fingernail thin and have ceilings that are tarpaper. Why I ChoseThis Quote: - I chose this quote because what Hardy Campbell stated was that it's notbecause there's no rain that the people may give up on the land. The reason we maygive up on the land is because of the loss of too much water evaporating from the groundbecause we can't grow crops.
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