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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 million mobilephone subscribers, more than the US or EU A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier By: Ismael Beah Short Summary The Story, A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah, enthralls readers with the story of a boy's journey in a civil war going on around his home in Sierra Leone and how he was able to survive through the horrors he experienced throughout his journey. In the beginning, Ishmael is a normal teenage boy who enjoys listening to music and being with his friends. Once the war breaks out, though, Ishmael is separated from his old friends and family and is forced to flee the rebels bygoing from village to village. After being captured numerous timesand narrowly escaping death, he joins the army of Sierra Leone where he is fed and protected. After three long years of great strain on himphysically, mentally, and emotionally, he is taken by the UNICEF organization for rehabilitation. Upon healing, he goes to live with his uncle along with his family. He is later chosen to speak in front of the UNon his experience, but afterwards, his uncle passes away. Ishmael then chooses to live in Ney York City where he resdes today. Important Quote "Even though I am still alive, I feel like each time I accept death, part of me dies. Very soon I willcompletely die and all that will be left is my empty body walking with you. It will be quieterthan I am" - Saidu Sierra Leone This quote, made by on of Ishmael's friends namedSaidu, was a very important quote to the entire story.Alone, this quote reveals how horrible and unbearablethe war was for Ismael and others and how taxing thewar was on people, their well being, and their lifestyles.As Saidu describes, he feels that the war and everything that comes with it takes a piece of himself away, leavinghim with just a shell of himself. Throughout the rest of thebook, Ismael displays the same changes in personality that Saidu did. Fast Facts Sequence of Events Ishmael lives a normal Life in Sierra Leone withhis family and friends. Finally, Ishmael completesrehabilitation and lives with hisuncle. Ishmael later moves toNew York after his uncle's death. After three destructiveyears in the army, Ishmaelstats rehabilitation with UNICEF. After several months, Ishmaelends up joining the army inYele for protection. A civil war breaks outnear Ishmael's town. Heis forced to flee and survive. Ishmael is separated fromhis friends and narrowlyescapes death several times. 300,000 child soldiers are in over Child soldiers have been used in countries as of 1998 including Sudan, Algeria, The Congo have been killed in action Sierra Leone's civil war, starting in March 1991 with a small band of RUF soldiers and officially ending in January 2002, caused casualties of 50,000-300,000 peopleand the displacement of 2.5 million. Afghanistan and formally in Sierra Leone's civil war. within the last 10 years. active conflicts in Africa and in other places acrossthe globe. Over 50 2 million 31 =100,000 =300,000 casualties =2.5 million displaced Beginning Ending
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