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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 acting classes can helpyour chances of gettinga gig in EEUU primer avance hay mas de 200 millones dehabitantes en el ciberespacio y 43.2 millones de computadoras conectadas a Internet. Samantha was diagnosed witha learning disabilitywhen she was a young child. She can't countcorrectly, and shehas trouble with time,dialing phone numbersand much more. Sam has to go through schooland she thinks she'sstupid or dumbbecause she is notable to do everything everyone can. Even with a disabilityshe still exceedsto the next gradeeach year with great grades. Her school putsher in the disabledand gifted programbecause she's a verytalented writer, butshe needs help withother subjects. By the time she'sin high school, shewrote a book aboutwhat she goes throughand all about her anxiety. After writing her book,she gets the courage totalk to someone aboutwhat she has gone through.She's never talked to anyoneabout it before, but now, she realizes everything she thoughabout herself was not true. Once she graduateshigh school, herparents help herfind a nice collegethat will acceptstudents with learningdisabilities. In order for Samanthato support her collegefund, she has to work2 jobs. She works for ahotel in the day, andat night, she works at arestaurant. Even at her job, she feels as if she can't doanything correct. Samantha has a learning disability, and she has to go through school with it. Although, she isn't ableto do as much as her other peers. She can't count money, do basic math in her head, dial phone numbers,and several other things people can do without even trying. Sam graduates middle school and high school with good grades, even though she doesn't understand how to do much, except for writing. She's very good at writing, and in fact she writes a book about her journey through life with an LD. She tells everyone her life story and what goes onwith her attacks. For a semester, she goes to Israel Things get better atthe end for Samantha Abeel,and she gets through all of iton her own. My Thirteenth WinterBy Samantha Abeel "Living with a learningdisability has created manychallenges, and I have often felt frustrated, confused, and alone." I chose this quote becauseit illustrates how a learningdisability isn't the best thingto go through, and that thingsget better, you just have to giveit time.
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