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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Space Case Based on the mysterious novel by Stuart Gibbs Directed By: Logan Herrera Harrison Ford as Dr. HoltzA joyful scientist that loved his job when sadly his discoveries came toan unexpected end. Aramis Knight as Dashiell (Dash) A smart ,but rather adventurous 12 year old boy believes that the moonbase death was no mistake ,but a murder. Sasha Pieterse as KirraA new "moonie" that also believes the moondeath was no accidenteither. Throughout thestory she helps Dashcollect clues to figure out what happened to Dr. Holtz. "It'swell, you seeit'sabout Dr. Holtz. Hehe's dead.'I'd been girding myself for bad news, but even this caught meoff guard. It simply didn't seem possible.I was sodumbfounded" Dash, a 12 year old boy that traveled to the moon thinking it was going to be great but actually turned out to be some of the worst experiences of his life. 6 months intohis dull 3 year trip to the moon,Dr. Holtz, a lead scientist on the moon base"accidentally" died. Many people did believe that Dr. Holtz death was an accident, but Dash thought that there was no way he would just carelessly walk out onto the moonALONE. He and some other people aboard the ship ,Kirra for instance also believethat the death wasn't a typical "accident". Throughout the book Dash and Kirra mustfind clues onto what happened to the Doctor. Will they solve the moon mysteryaboard the baseship.Will Dash and his friends figure outwhat happened to Dr. Holtz or will themurderer get away without anyconsequences? Find out when you read Space Case. "A tiny web of fractures had appeared where I'd impactedthe rock, looking like the divota stone leaves in a windshield.But the cracks were spreading.My helmet wouldn't be able totake another hit. The glasswould go-and I'd suffocate inseconds." The theme of this book is perseverance or getting through hard times. The Mysteries of Space come together onto one single ship
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