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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Monument 14 Based on Emmy Laybourne's science fiction novel. Directed by: Logan Herrera *Starring*Jesse Eisenberg as Dean Thomas Brody-Sangster as Alex Liam Hemsworth as Jake This book follows a boy named Dean, along with 13 other boys and girls ranging from 1st grade to a senior in high school. He must survive in a grocery store for 12 days while the world as he knows it is ending. It started by a monster hailstorm, killing anybody that didn't have any cover. This leads to a chemical weapons spill that created a black cloud. This cloud haseveryone either raging, experiencing paranoid illusions,suffering from blisters, or surprisingly living without affect.This is a result based on your blood type. For example ifyou have blood type O, you will go crazy. Not only theyare facing monsters outside but they also haveto face the enemy within as the boys start to turn on each other. Dean must decide what is he willing to do to survive. "A movie filled with excitement and left me on the edge of my seat until the very end." - New York Times "It's difficult not to admire Dean by the end of the movie." - Variety Magazine "I saw the kids scramble back toward Mrs. Wooly. She helped them get down on all fours and scoot out the emergency door, which was sideways." "The chemical cloud was sweeping the air along in front of it like a summer rainstorm. Only this air was bitter and my eyes began to sting. 'You guys, go,' Niko shouted. 'I'll be right there." Do you have the courage to survive a chemical disaster?
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