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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Killed all the suitors Book XXIV Goes tovisit his father,Laertes He disguises himself a stranger Athena Suitors Laertes Tries to fightsuitors' families Athena preventshim from fighting Thinks Odysseus isdead. Overwhelmed withjoy when he findsout Odysseus isalive. Has lunch with Odysseusand Telemachus. Very proud of thebravery his son andgrandson have shown. Hermes leads thesouls of the suitorsto the underworld The souls tellAgamemnonhow they all died The families of thesuitors try to killOdysseus The families of thesuitors are stoppedby Athena Stops the suitors'families and Odysseusfrom fighting each other Sees that the suitors'families are going totry to kill Odysseuswhile she is on MountOlympus Athena's divineintervention is theonly reason thepost-war fightingstops Themes & Motifs Figurative Language Homeric Epithets - "Silver-footed Thetis"- "Aegis-bearing Zeus" Irony "He was my son. Far from his home, his friends, beset by griefs, he's been devoured by fishes of the sea or fallenprey on land to birds and beasts." (482) In this quote, Laertes is talking toOdysseus but he does not recognize Odysseus. This is ironic because Laertesthinks that Odysseus is dead, but he is telling this to Odysseus. Similie "Then patient, bright Odysseus'battle cry was savage; like an eaglefrom on high." (491) In this simile, Odysseus's battlecry is being compared to an eagle'sshriek. This shows that Odysseus isnot thinking rationally and is actingbased on his instincts because he iscompared to a ferocious wild animal. Power of Cunning Over Strength In the beginning of Book XXIV, the suitorstell the story of how Odysseus used his brain to make it easier for him to kill them.Odysseus disguised himself as a strangerand challenged the suitors to string his bow.None of the suitors were able, but whenOdysseus got the bow, he strung it easilyand killed the suitors quickly. Storytelling Disguises Many of the characters in the Odysseytell long stories to explain things, such as,what they know and how they met othercharacters in the story. Also, the Odysseywas originally passed down as an oral traditionbefore it was written down. Odysseus is a master of disguise anduses disguises often throughout the storyto trick and defeat his enemies. Odysseusdisguises himself as a beggar to trick thesuitors and ultimately kill them. He alsopretends he is a friend of himself whenhe first talks to Laertes after returninghome because Laertes does not recognizehim. Odysseus
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