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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How are Bonsai Trees Made and Maintained? Growing Bonsai Trees What are Bonsai Trees? Types of Bonsai Trees Bonsai Tree Pots Maintaining Bonsai Trees Growing bonsai trees requiresthe right amount of:1. light2. water3. fertilizerAnd the right:1. location2. humidity Bonsai should:1. imitate a natural tree2. have longer brancheson the bottom and shorterbranches on top3. have clean bark4. look healthy and mature Pots chosen for bonsai trees vary in color, materialand quality. Most are madeof clay. The most common shapes:1. formal upright2. informal upright3. slanting4. cascade5. semicascade. by Elyse Folkman Apperance Bonsai trees are plants that have been grown in a special way to keep them proportionallysmall compared to a fully grown tree. Anyone canRemember that growing bonsai trees takes lotsof time and maitenance . 1. Pruning2. Trimming Pruning and trimming are usedto cut away unwanted branchesand make the tree the right shape3. Wiring Wire the branches to help the bonsai grow in the right way4. Repotting Repot your bonsai every twoyears. Remove 30% of the root before placingin new soil. Bonsai plants should have:1. small leaves2. a trunk that looks mature3. an ability to stay in proportion to the same type of tree in its full size. Who grows Bonsai Trees? Examples of plants used for bonsai:1. pine2. spruce3. maple4. pomegranate
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