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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bones of Faerie Sometimes you have to compromise for what you believe in Theme The story mainly takes placein her village with everyone else.It is called Midwestern part of the United States Setting Objective Summary Liza's father wanted to get rid of their newbaby sister because she is starting to use magic which he things magic is evil. But, Liza wants to try to help her and help her survive before her abusive father puts the baby on a hillside to die. By: Nichole Wright In the beginning, there is war between humanity and Faerie everyone in Liza's village including her parents try to figure out waysto help out the village. And her father began to protect the village with strict rules and after the war ended they became even more strict. In the middle of the book, all that was left of the war was scraps and food thatthey could no longer eat all because of the bad magic that happened throughthe war. And her father begins to make village think that magic is horrible and everything that has to do with magic must be destroyed. Closer to the end,their new baby girl arrives with one problem, she is born with magic and she can't control it so the father goesand drops the new baby girl on a hillside to die. And Liza goes through the forest and the only way she can make it through is using magic. So she risks her life to go rescue her baby sister. And with several attempts, she finally let the village know that magic is ok. Plot And that goes through the theme of sometimes you have to compromise for what you beleive in and she wanted to show the village that magic was ok. The protagonist Liza, and the Antagonist her father,went with the theme because the father believed that magic was a bad thing and he wanted to kill the baby to get rid of all the magic. And with Liza's help, she helps the baby to show that if you use the magic in a good way it would be ok which is what she believed in. Character
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