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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Types of Bombs: -Topol (SS-25) (800 kt) airburst =Ivy King (500 kt) surface city bombed: Chicago -dead: 588,750-injured: 1,015,280=dead: 431,840=injured: 356,530population: 2.719 million (2013) Bombing Cities Total killed: 13,297,030 total injured: 28,208,160=total killed: 6,118,380=total injured: 10,452,540 -Total killed: 13,297,030 -total injured: 28,208,160=total killed: 6,118,380=total injured: 10,452,540 city bombed: New york -Dead: 1,628,880-Injured: 2,929,630=Dead: 886,440=Injured: 1,204,620population: 8.406 million (2013) Key: city bombed: London-dead: 960,010-injured: 2,302,200=dead: 393,280=injured: 862,350population: 8.308 million (2013) city bombed: Cairo-dead: 3,397,560-injured: 5,162,350=dead: 1,556,230=injured: 2,741,870population: 7.772 million (2006) city bombed: Paris -dead: 1,583,260-injured: 2,717,610=dead: 778,440=injured: 1,294,790population: 62,814,233 (2013) city bombed: Moscow-dead: 1,069,090-injured: 3,351,660=dead: 383,480=injured: 1,098,700population: 11.5 million (2010) city bombed: New Delhi -dead: 2,169,320-Injured: 5,814,280=dead: 909,400=injured: 2,113,170population: 16,787,941 (2013) city bombed: Rio de Janeiro -dead: 284,470-injured: 1,177,990=dead: 111,310=injured:287,230population: 6.32 million (2010)proportionally. city bombed: Beijing -dead: 1,271,480-injured: 3,017,420=dead: 522,150=injured: 1,196,030population: 21.15 million (2013) city bombed: Sydney -dead: 344,210-injured: 719,740=dead: 145,810=injured: 297,250population: 4.576 million (2010)
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