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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1882 1851 1868 1865 1875 1888 B'nai B'rith creates Anti-DefamationLeague to combat stereotypes in American culture Covenant Hall Built Disaster Relief ADL Founded ADL Founded #BnaiBrith171 Oct. 13, 1843: Just One of Many Firsts! B'nai B'rith erects firstJewish community center in U.S First overseas aid project sends $4,522 for cholera epidemic ($67,000 today) B'nai B'rith startsDisaster Relief Fundfor Baltimore Flood Overseas Aid 1870s International Affairs Advocacy againstanti-Semitism leadsU.S. gov't to establishconsulate in Romania Oh Canada First lodge outside ofU.S. organized inToronto, Canada B'nai B'rith Created B'nai B'rith Created 1913 Henry Jones and 11 others gather at Sinsheimer's Café tocreate B'nai B'rith Welcome To Europe B'nai B'rith foundsJerusalem Lodge in Israel 1843 1900s Presence in Israel B'nai B'rith's firstEuropean lodge opens in Berlin, Germany U.S. Mission Redefined U.S. Mission Redefined Lodge membersshift to hands-onsocial service projects to assist recent immigrants