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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Famous Blue Performers Ray Charles Ray Charles ~ Played for bands when he was 15, earning $4 a night~ First recording session was with Atlantic in September 1952~ Reached pinnacle of success at Atlantic with "What'd I say"~ In the late 1960's the rise of psychedelic rock meant that Ray wasn't being played on the radio much~ In 1983, Charles signed a contract with Columbia Records and recorded a string of country albums~ Ray's final appearance was in 2004, at the dedication of his music studio as a historic landmark in the city of Los Angeles Bibliography: B.B. King By Jonah Page Gertrude Pridgett Gertrude Pridgett B.B. King ~ Born April 26, 1886~ Made her first 8 recordings with Paramount Records~ Over the next 5 years 'Ma Rainey' made over 100 new records~ In 1924 she embarked on a tour of the Theatres Owners Booking Association~ The tours went on and off until ending in 1928~ Also in 1928, she made 20 more recordings before Paramount finished her contract.~ In 1935 she returned to her hometown to run two theatres 'The Lyric' and 'The Airdrome' until she died of a heart attack in 1939 ~ Born 16 Sepember, 1925~ In 1949, King began recording songs under a contract with Los Angeles-based RPM Records~King assembled his own band; the B.B. King Review, under the leadership of Millard Lee~ In 1949, a fight broke out between two men over a woman named Lucille~ King named his guitar Lucille to remind him to never do something stupid such as fight over a woman~ King meanwhile toured the entire "Chitlin' Circuit" and 1956 became a rceord breaking year, with 342 concerts booked~ In the 1950's B.B. King became one of the most important names in RnB music, amassing an impressive list of hits~ King win a Grammy Award for a tune called "The Thrill Is Gone"~ King was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 1980.
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