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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Blue Wolf Cleaner & Degreaser AutomotiveIndustrialCommercialHomeSportsConstructionMetal Fabrication & so, so, so, much more! 1 Gallon 5 Gallon Tote 1to4 Available Sizes: 32 oz Quart Recommended Dilutions:(Dilute with water only) -Motors (all kinds)-Mildew: Shower, Bath & Swimming Pool areas-Stoves, Hoods, Ovens-Concrete Driveways-Tile-Stains: Blood, Grass & Ink 1to1 1to3 Blue Wolf is water based, VOC compliant, and is biodegradable. This chemical tool is serving industrialclients and households all across this nation, lowering cost, increasing productivity, while safely cleaning. Use as directed. 55 Gallon Drum 15 Gallon Drum Blue Wolf has been manufactured and supplying professional quality industrial strength cleaners to the wholesale and retail market for over 23 years. Throughout this period we haveprided ourselves on developing chemical tools for customer all across the nation which lowercosts, increase productivity, and safely clean. 5 Gallon Tote 15 Gallon Tote 55 Gallon Drum -Auto floor mats-Vinyl Tops & Seats-Auto Whitewall Tires-Porcelain, Chrome-Fiberglass Tubs & Showers-Tile & Linoleum -Refrigerators-Nylon Fabrics, Carpets-Vinyl Siding-Washable Woodwork-Laundry-Outdoor furniture -Excellent Cold Water Degreaser-Cleans Grease & Soil on Contact-Wear Rubber gloves-Product should be diluted prior to use-Refer to dilution recommendations-Do not allow to dry on painted surfaces-Dilute and test before applying to aluminum alloy-Biodegradable Manufactured & Distributed by:Blue Wolf Sales & Service, Inc. 653 Camp Joy RoadBluefield, Virginia 24651Ph: 855-803-1417Fax: 276-595-7957
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