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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 (Putting together ideas or elements to develop an original idea or engage in creative thinking). (Breaking information down into its component elements). (Judging the value of ideas, materials and methods by developing and applying standards and criteria). (Using strategies, concepts, principles and theories in new situations). (Understanding of given information). (Recall or recognition of specific information). Creating Evaluating Analysing Applying Understanding Design Construct Plan Produce Devise MakingFormulate Propose Create Invent Compose PredictImagine Remembering Check Rate Discuss Experiment Judge TestDetect Monitor Prioritise Select Choose DecideJustify Debate Determine Recommend Argue Assess Hypothesise Critique Verify Compare and contrastOrganise Deconstruct Attribute Outline Structure IntegrateAnalyse Distinguish Examine Investigate Categorise IdentifySeparate Advertise Action Interpret ExemplifyInfer Outline ExplainParaphrase ClassifyCompare DiscussDistinguish PredictRestate Summarise Implement Carry out Execute Show Solve Illustrate Use Complete Examine Classify Construct Recognise ListDescribe IdentifyRetrieve NameLocate FindTell State Products Combine, predict Defend Link Unpack, challenge Verify, mark, listen, summarise Build, follow-ups Film StoryProject PlanNew gameSong Painting Media productAdvertisement Accountable Talk Debate EvaluationPanel InvestigationReport VerdictConclusionPersuasive speech DemonstrationIllustrationSculpture DiaryPresentation SimulationInterview Journal Performance Survey DatabaseMobile AbstractReport GraphSpreadsheetChart Outline Checklist Recitation QuizSummary ListCollection LabelShow and tellExample Outline Explanation Quiz WorkbookDefinitionWorksheetReproductionTest Fact Label List Bloom's Taxonomy What are you doing? Higher-order thinking
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