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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 - Tells about what you have learned- Does not include your last name, address, phone number, pass-words, or plans The design The integrity (ethics) The writing The social skill The content E X C E L L E N T i f i t . . . G E N I U S i f i t . . . E P I C i f i t . . . - Connects what you have learnedwith something you already know - Uses humor without getting silly - Includes Creative Commons media with properattribution - Uses text formatting options to improve readability- Includes a variety of media - Has topical tags assigned to it- Is organized into paragraphs- Includes a variety of images - Has a category assigned to it- Is easy to read and understand- Includes an image - Is respectful of readers and commenters- DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THIS!!!!!!! - Is consistent in tone/voice with previous posts- Was written using tools (dic-tionaries, thesauri) to ensure it is cor-rect and engaging - Previews the post topic with the title- Uses basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation correctly - Considers theaudience andprovides back-ground infor-mation if needed- Has been proof-read by an adult. - Prompts a genuine thoughtfulconversation between the original blogger and one or more commenters - Supplements your knowledge with information gathered through research- Includes hyperlinks to related content A genius comment con-nects to other facts or ideas with hyper- links An excellent comment is written in the form of a letter An excellent comment is related to the original post An excellent comment res- pects the blogger and other commenters - Only includes original thoughts, reflections, and media - Ends with a question to encourage participation- Is monitored and replies to all comments - Includes others' ideas or infor-mation with attribution and links back to the sources of a blog post is... An excellent comment never adds others' ideas or media without attribution
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