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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 8 of the biggest blackouts in history Europe (West) How was it traded? Emma FascioloMr. RogersGlobal Themes A 1.Pakistan 80% of Pakistan was plunged into darkness on 25 January,2015.A power transmission line broke down in the early hours of the morning in an incident blamed on a rebel attack. 2. New York City On 13 July 1977, a lightning bolt knocked out electricity.This affected about 8 million people in New York City. Power isnt fully restored until 25 hours later after widespread looting. 3.Brazil Approximately 97 million people were left without power on 11 March 1999 when lighting struck a power substation in Brazil's Sao Paulo state. 4.India In July 2012, 20 of India's 28 states were hit by power cutswhen 3 of the country's 5 electricity grids failed. The blackout effected over 300 million people. 5. China On 24 January 2008, winter storms caused a nearly 2-week blackout, affecting 4.6 million people around the central Chinese city of Chenzhou.11 electricians died while working to restore power.The storm's death toll exceeded 60. 6. South Africa On 28 September 2003, a short in a power line in Switzerland lead to blackouts affecting 95% of Italy. Around 55 million people are without power for as long as 18 hours. 8. Northeast USA & Canada In 1979, a local substation circuit breaker tripped at the Electricity Supply Commission.Due to a miscalculation, another 76 circuits tripped.After less than an hour, the only power station still up was Wilge.Staff worked for nearly two days to get the grid back up. 7. Italy Between August 21-30 2011,the force of Hurricane Irenes 780km winds tore down power lines and power stations across the Eastern USA and the Caribbean.It left millions without power. Irene is ranked as the 7th costliest hurricane in US history.
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