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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How big are bits? By: Alberto Roiz Essentials:A bits goes on an 8 code that will create a byte(letter,number, symbol etc.) Bit A bit is the smallest Byte 8 bits makes a byte Kilobyte 1KB=1024 bytes1K=8192bits Megabyte 1MB=1048576Bytes1M=8388608Bits Gigabyte 1GB=1073741-824 Bytes1G=85899-34592 1TG=1099511-627776bytes1T=87960-93022208 Terabyte 1PG=112589-990684-2642Bytes1P=900-71992-5474-0992 Petabyte Exabyte 1E=11529-21504-6068-46976Bytes1EB=9223-3720-3685-477-5808Bits Zettabyte 1ZB=118059-16207-17411-303424-Bytes1ZB=9444-7329-65739-29042-7392-Bits Yottabyte 1YG=12089-25819-61462-91747-06176-Bytes1YG=9671406556917033397649408Bits Brontobyte 1BB=12379-40039-28538-02748-99124-224-Bytes1GG=9903-5203-1428-3042-1991-9299-3792- Geopbyte 1GB=12676-50600-22822-94014-96703-205376-Bytes1GB=10141-20480-18258-35211-97362-56430-08Bits Kilobyte= 200 Pages Megabyte= 3 paragraphs of text Gigabyte= 341 Digital Picturesor a movie Terabyte= 40 25GB Blu-ray discs Petabyte= 671,088,640 web pages (with 1.6MB average file size) Exabyte= 274,877,906,944 MP3 audio files (with 4MB average file size) Zettabyte= 1,732,153,707,691 650MB CD's Yottabyte= The states of Delaware and Rhode Island Brontobyte= All books ever writen into a big book Geopbyte= Another earth build into space with full technology
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