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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Burning petroleum releases pollution and fumes in the Earth causing an increase in global warming. Drilling for the oil also affects animals such as Canadian caribou and fish but, it has a low cost because of the reduced technical and physical effort. Petroleum Petroleum As said before, petroleum has a low cost because of the reduced technicaland physical effort. The reason it is reduced is because people use satellite imagery to find where the oil is kept. Petrol also helps in the movement and functions of vehicles such as cars or trucks to transport the oil. Petroleum that is dug up in the oil sandsmay lead to increasing rates of rare cancer types, thyroid problems and immune deficiencies. Although these are all risks tohumans, there is an expectancy in the increase of employment in the oil sands in Canada. Environment Science and Technology Social The fossil fuel does not always help in terms of science and technology, it can effect different ways. Petrol can lead to the production of harmful substances duringrefining, such as plastic. The collectionof this fuel may cause earthquakes during the process known as 'fracking'. vs Which energy source is better? Biomass Biomass Environment The use of biodiesel or biomass increases the use of fertilizer whichcan have a negative affect on the environment. Also, monoculturecan lead to the increase of pestsin an area or may cause to soil toerode. This may seem bad but, this energy source can be usedin diesel engines, they are biodegradable and there are less greenhouse emissions. Science and Technology When bio fuels are extracted theygo through refineries to clean them. These refineries are cleaner than petroleum refineries and are less toxic.When bio fuels are used in vehicles, have a higher fuel economy whichmeans there are less trips to fill up at thepump. With almost everything that exists,there are some downsides. A downside in using biodiesel in vehiclesis that it can get clogged in the engine. The trucks used to produce biodieselneeds to have petroleum to function properly. Social Some regions are not suitable forproducing oil crops. Productive cropscannot be produced anywhere andrequire to be transported to the plantswhich the amount and cost of emissionbut, biodiesel can reduce the dependance of foreign suppliers which lowersexpenses. Biomass may use petroleum to be producedand may also use a lot of fertilizer, it is better to use in the long run because it is saferto the environment and reduces pollution in the atmosphere. Conclusion
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