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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TITLE How Do Plants Make Paper? Mostly, the trees that are used to make paper are pine trees. Paper is madefrom wood pulp.There are 120 mills that carry out chemicalwood pulping (kraft, sulfite, soda, or semi-chemical) facilities in the US. Bleaching The bleaching process removes color from the pulp, by adding chemicals to the pulp in varying combinationsdepending on the end use of the product. The most common bleaching chemicals are, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, oxygen, caustic and sodium hypochlorite. For economic and environmental reasons, chemical and semi-chemical pulpmills employ chemical recoveryprocesses to reclaim spent cooking chemicals from the pulpingprocess. At kraft and soda pulp mills, spent cooking liquor, referred to as weak black liquor, from the brown stock washers is routed to the chemicalrecovery area at kraft and soda pulp mills. After pulping and bleaching, the pulp is processed into the stock used for paper-making.At non-integrated mills, market pulp is dried, baled,and then shipped off-site to paper mills. Atintegrated mills, the paper mill uses the pulp manufactured on-site. Paper is then wound onto large reels. Pulping During the pulping process, wood chips are separated into individual cellulose fibers byremoving the lignin (the intercellular material that cements the cellulosefibers together) from the wood. Chemical pulping involves cooking of raw materialsusing aqueous chemical solutions and elevated temperature and pressure to extract pulp fibers.
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