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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 tap and hold to change this title text! tap and hold to change this title text! tap and hold to change this title text! tap and hold to change this title text! Biology is the science of life: Biology is a science, because it is based on observation of nature and experimentation related to explain the phenomena life. Why I want to study biology? I would like be a biology because I think this science studies all the species in the world and them evolution that is because is so interesting this career because we are an evolution, and we have been discovering new evolution or adptions from the animals in general. Professional profile: To have professional knowledge not only of the extraordinary biological diversity that characterizes Mexico but also of wealth use and preservation of this, to perpetuate and develop our national identify. The graduate of biology is a prodessional whose knowledge of life science teaching and research carried out properly and assists in the implementationof surveys of plant and animal species native to solve research problems using the auxiliary sciences of biology. BIOLOGY UNDERGRADUATE STUDY AT SCIENCE FACULTY Requierements for certification To have fully approved all subjects and 100% of the credits of the curriculum. To pass the exam of language translation of 2 languages (English is mandatory). To perform social service. To have passed the thesis. Entrance requierements for students at UNAM: To have complete to high school in biological sciences and health. Requirements for applicants from other institutions: To have complete high school with a minimun score of 7. To approve the selection exam. Duration of degree: 8 semesters
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